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Criminal and Traffic

The law of criminal defense includes everything from traffic tickets and misdemeanor citations for underage drinking to defending against a charge of first degree murder. Our criminal defense trial attorneys are experienced in dealing with every type of criminal charge including: assaults, possession or sale of illegal drugs, DWI's, firearms charges, fraud, and property crimes.

Traffic Tickets:
Getting a traffic citation can be a frustrating experience. Court dates, license points, insurance rate hikes and possible driver's license suspensions can be nearly impossible to navigate on your own. Our attorneys are familiar with the collateral consequences of traffic tickets and how to avoid those penalties or address them in the best manner possible.

State Criminal Charges:
At the trial stage in North Carolina State Court, there are two levels of court – District and Superior. Generally, all charges originate in District Court. Bench trials (trials in front of a judge, not a jury) can be held for misdemeanors in District Court. Lower level felonies can be resolved by plea agreements in District Court.
If a case cannot be handled in District Court, it is indicted by the grand jury, transferred on misdemeanor appeal, or indicted upon a criminal pleading called an information and placed into the jurisdiction of Superior Court. All jury trials for felonies and all serious felonies must be handled in Superior Court.

Federal Criminal Charges:
There are three federal districts in North Carolina. – the Eastern, the Middle and the Western. Each district handles all of the federal charges originating out of the counties in that area. Federal charges generally arise as a result of a grand jury investigation and indictment. Misdemeanor and Felony jury trials are held in each of the federal district courts.

Pre-Arrest Investigation:
In some cases it is possible to speak to an attorney before you are formally charged with a crime. When a person is the subject of an investigation, they need an experienced legal advocate to help them tell their story. Our attorneys often work with private investigators and polygraph examiners to help gather the evidence you need to present your case.

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