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Family and Domestic

Family and domestic law includes pre-marital matters, divorce, separation, spousal support, child support and child custody, equitable distribution, domestic violence protection orders and adoptions. Our family law attorneys are prepared to handle every aspect of family law from pre-nuptial agreements to separation agreements, divorce proceedings, and complex equitable distribution.

Spousal Support:
Whether our client is the dependent spouse or the supporting spouse, our attorneys are experienced in obtaining the most favorable outcome for our clients. We will help to determine the appropriate amount and length of spousal support, either through post-separation support or alimony, to ensure our clients receive all they are entitled to and avoid paying more than necessary.

Child Custody and Support:
Our attorneys are sensitive to the unique position parents are in when a relationship ends and children are involved. We endeavor to minimize the harsh outcomes on the children, while helping our clients seek their ideal custodial arrangement. We are also able to navigate the channels of child support, be it through the Department of Social Services or through the clerk's office. Our attorneys assist to accurately calculate the appropriate amount of child support in a given case.

Equitable Distribution:
Equitable distribution refers to the identifying and dividing of property, both real and personal, obtained during the marriage. We work to ensure that all assets are properly identified and to ensure that the division of property is fair and beneficial to our client.

Separation and Custody Agreements:
Our attorneys work hard to resolve matters whenever possible between parties. We know that resolving a matter with a separation or custody agreement helps to minimize the time and expense involved in a separation or custody battle. Agreements between parties also help to keep the control in the client's hands, instead of a judge's. We have experience in reviewing and successfully negotiating these agreements to achieve the best possible result for our clients.

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